TC Inmo


Gestiones inmobiliarias

Mediación, asesoramiento y gestión

Compraventa, alquiler y cesión de bienes inmuebles. Tasaciones,  asesoramiento jurídico y negociación. Análisis del mercado y elaboración del plan de marketing inmobiliario.

Home Staging

Preparamos su casa para la venta

Adecuamos su vivienda mediante técnicas de home staging para atraer al mayor número de personas posibles interesadas en la vivienda, evitando los posibles recortes en la negociación.


Buying property in Spain

100% Happiness

Did you know that people in the Basque Country have a level of life satisfaction slightly under those from Switzerland and Norway, but better than Sweden, Island, Holland, Denmark or Finland?

 Scores are also extremely high for safety, life expectancy and gender equality, suggesting a very bright future in itself!

We offer a wide variety of homes in the Basque Country. We provide before and after sales services and assistante to find your dream home in the Basque lands. Contact us today and let us assist you for all your requests.

Relocation Services

Moving to the Basque Country?

Moving to another country increases the stress level ten-fold, and, on top of that, there's the language barrier.

We help you settling in and starting a new life in the Basque Country, whether it is for work, study or any other reasons. Anyone who has experienced moving to a new country knows how stressing it can be. 

Let us assist you in finding a home, a school, spanish lessons, cooking lessons...